Lohnt sich Intueat? Experten klären auf über den Nutzen und Erfolg des Programms!

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Introduction: Fitness and nutrition combined with Intueat

In today’s world, where an increasing number of people live a sedentary lifestyle, staying fit and healthy requires more conscious effort. A key factor that affects our overall health is nutrition, which in turn influences weight management and general well-being. Intueat, a German-based program, claims to address this aspect by combining a mindful approach to eating habits with an exercise routine. In this article, we will thoroughly review and test Intueat and provide an informed opinion on whether or not „lohnt sich das?“ (is it worth it?).

What is Intueat?

Intueat is a 12-week program that promotes a more mindful approach to eating and exercise, avoiding strict diets and calorie counting. The program was developed by nutritionist Mareike Awe and psychologist Dr. Mark Söder. The central idea behind this system is to encourage individuals to listen to their bodies and learn to gauge their hunger and cravings better.

The program comprises three main components:

  • Weekly video coaching, where participants access a new module each week covering various topics, providing practical advice on nutrition, exercise, and mindset.
  • Participation in a private Facebook group for support, motivation, and the ability to share experiences with others undergoing the Intueat program.
  • Access to a variety of mindfulness exercises, meditations, and video workouts, which are meant to help participants develop a healthier relationship with food and motivate active living.

During the program, users are introduced to the concept of „eating personalities,“ which are behaviors and habits that impact how we interact with food, as well as our likelihood of developing unhealthy patterns in the long run.

Testing the Intueat program

In order to provide a balanced evaluation of Intueat, we will review the program’s effectiveness, quality of provided materials, ease of use, and the results achieved through consistent participation.

Effectiveness and results

Many users describe positive results after completing the 12-week program, including weight loss and improved energy levels. Some people found that incorporating the mindfulness exercises provided a helpful way to reconnect with their bodies and understand their hunger cues better. The program’s focus on lifestyle changes, rather than strict dieting, also made it easier for some participants to maintain their progress.

However, there are cases where users did not experience significant results, and some found it difficult to stick to the program. Factors that could influence the effectiveness of Intueat include individual commitment, pre-existing eating habits, and a willingness to make consistent lifestyle changes.

Quality of materials

The Intueat program includes a range of materials, such as instructional videos, recipes, and meditation audio files. Users generally found these to be helpful, informative, and engaging. However, some participants felt that certain aspects of the program were repetitive or did not provide enough variety.

Regarding the community aspect of Intueat, the private Facebook group is a valuable resource where participants can receive support from like-minded individuals. Nonetheless, the degree to which users benefit from this feature may depend on their level of engagement and interaction with other group members.

Ease of use and accessibility

The Intueat program is accessible via a variety of devices, and users can easily access materials at any time. The layout and user interface are both clear and simple, allowing participants to focus on the content without having to work through navigational issues.

However, a notable drawback is the lack of offline materials. This means that users require an internet connection to view videos or listen to meditations, which may not always be convenient when trying to complete workouts or participate in discussions in the Facebook group.

Pros and Cons of Intueat

After thoroughly testing the Intueat program, we have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether it is worth investing time and effort into this program.


  • Focus on a holistic, lifestyle-based approach, rather than strict dieting or calorie counting.
  • Helps users develop a better understanding of their eating habits and develop a healthier relationship with food.
  • Provides a supportive community to share experiences and receive motivation from others on the same journey.
  • Clear and simple layout, accessible via various devices.


  • Results may vary, and some users may not experience significant weight loss or improvements in their overall well-being.
  • Some content may be repetitive or lacking in variety, and the program requires constant internet access to use materials.
  • Users must have a willingness to commit to the program’s guidelines and complete the mindfulness exercises to maximize the benefits.

Conclusion: Is Intueat worth it?

Based on our extensive evaluation, we believe that Intueat can be a valuable tool for those looking to develop a healthier relationship with food, lose weight, and improve overall well-being. However, it is crucial to recognize that the program’s effectiveness depends on the individual’s commitment and willingness to incorporate the program’s core concepts into their daily lives.

Prospective users should also consider the potential limitations, such as the need for constant internet access and the possibility that they may not see immediate results. Ultimately, the question of whether Intueat is worth it comes down to the individual and their personal goals, priorities, and motivation for making lasting lifestyle changes.